Wednesday Keynote Speaker:  Corey O’Soup

Corey O’Soup is a member of the Key First Nation and was appointed as Saskatchewan’s first Indigenous Advocate for Children and Youth on November 1, 2016. Mr. O’Soup’s commitment to empower young people to be ‘change-makers’ is evident in his life work as an educator. He recently served as the First Nations and Metis advisor to the Minister with the Ministry of Education in Saskatchewan.

In his current role as Saskatchewan’s Advocate, Mr. O’Soup has released a special investigation entitled, ‘When Every Second Matters’ and a special report into youth suicide from the perspective of youth from northern Saskatchewan entitled “Shhh… Listen!!  We Have Something To Say! Youth Voices from the North. Capturing the voice of hundreds of youth from northern Saskatchewan, this special report is a shining display of the power of youth voice and has taken the collective wisdom, voice, and several calls to action from these youth, on the topic of suicide, regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally. Mr. O’Soup’s passion and enthusiasm to share the stories of the children and youth he encounters in his advocacy is evident in his belief that the future is bright for Saskatchewan’s young people.

Thursday Keynote Speaker:  Ernie Louttit

Ernie Louttit is originally from Northern Ontario. A member of the Missanabie Cree First Nation raised off the reserve.  In 1987 Ernie joined the Saskatoon Police Service and served until October 2013. Louttit served almost his entire career in uniform and on the street including his time as a Sergeant. He has written three books about his experiences and leadership from a street cops point of view. Indian Ernie “Perspectives on Policing and Leadership”, More Indian Ernie “Insights from the Streets” and The Unexpected Cop “Indian Ernie on a Life of Leadership”.

Public speaking and writing are his new trade but speaking to teachers, community members and volunteer educators is the highest honour he could hope to achieve as a writer. Ernie firmly believes now is the best time in our long history to be a First Nations youth and a successful inclusive education drawing from the strengths we bring as Indigenous people is the key.

Ernie will be speaking on drawing on our existing strengths as Indigenous people to help us help our youth to achieve their goals. Seeing every challenge as an opportunity and using the language of leadership everyone can make a difference. We can by our efforts create our own model of inclusion and educational success specific to our needs for the future. We have unique challenges in Saskatchewan. Let’s use them to our advantage.

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