Our 2020 Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Kevin Lewis: Structure and historical importance of Indigenous languages in Canada and North America 

This keynote will cover information about our languages and their structure. How to teach them as polysynthetic languages. The importance of using them in our homes all the way to the House of Commons. 

Dr. Herman J. Michell Land-based Education: Embracing the Rhythms of the Earth

Dr. Michell shares the view that land-based education is not a trend, but a life-giving force that is critical to decolonization and survival of the Woodlands Cree. The land is both teacher and healer. It is important to understand the underlying philosophical teachings of First Nations people while making links with local communities, worldview, language, values, stories, cultural way of life, and contemporary subjects.

The presentation by Dr. Herman Michell is focused on land-based education from a Woodland Cree perspective. His talk is influenced by his cultural roots and ancestral teachings that stem from a long line of land-based peoples that have occupied northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba since pre-contact times. The Six Seasons of Trappers, Hunters, Fish Harvesters, and Gatherers are used as a curriculum framework to develop activities that reinforce mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical development.